Many experienced Beard-Growers will tell you that growing a beard is much like a journey. Your beard will be there with you through the challenges and great victories of life. For those of you ready for the journey after taking much consideration into your beard growing ability, here are some tips to help you along the way. 

Tip#1: Do Not shave your mustache! Unless you are going for the Amish look.

Tip#2: Patience. The biological beard clock starts at different times for everyone. You must also take into consideration that beard hair grows at different rates and it can take 2-3 months for slower growing hairs to catch up. 

Tip#3: Just like a garden, beards require some nurturing and while developing your "beard thumb" it starts with understanding the importance of adding some hydration to your roots. Beard Farmers will recommend adding just a few drops of Beard Oil throughout the day to help moisturize your skin and nourish your beard follicles. For lengthier beards use a Beard Comb after applying Beard Oil to tame and tidy up the foliage. 

To avoid looking like your having a mid-life crisis, it is best to tidy up around your jawline and cheeks to ensure a more defined and clean beard. My favorite pair of hedges to get the job done are the Andis T-Outliners , these clippers are so precise and if you keep them clean and oiled they will last you many years. 


Whether you're growing an immense beard or one of those shadowy-stubbly types, your skin and roots can benefit by applying nourishing oils. The purpose of oiling your beard is to prevent itchiness, soften coarse hair, and it smells good too! This led us to develop a beard oil formulated with oils that won't leave your face feeling greasy while also providing the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Check out one of our most popular scents Citrus Woods , formulated for the Gentlemen who enjoys the outdoors and are looking for a nature inspiring scent. Our scent was meticulously formulated and includes woodsy notes of cedar and complex hints of citrus + sage. Our Beard Oil is also designed with organic botanical oils that balance well with the natural oils produced by the skin. This leaves your pores unclogged and your beard light weight. 

Our Relaxing Beard Oil Blend combines Lavender, Rosewood and Citrus essential oils and is the perfect blend when you want to reap the benefits of a chill aromatherapeutic effect. I refer to our Relaxing Beard Oil Blend as the sleepy time blend because I love adding a few drops to the beard right before bed to put my mind at ease. 

The wilderness awaits you. Embrace your wild side!