Borders - A Traveler's Perspective

By Timothy Vanny - Follow: Facebook // Instagram // YouTube

As a traveler, the current climate of global politics, the recent restrictions, as well as the attitudes on immigration here in the United States has made me concerned for the karma our actions create and the affect on us as a nation. In an interconnected universe, there are no isolated actions and every action generates a type of karma. With the narrative changing towards an "America First" attitude and by not welcoming our neighbors, we risk becoming unwelcomed in other parts of the world. 

When you are 40,000 feet up above the surface, there are no borders on the ground and the idea of separate nations starts to sound abstract. We live in a time where we try to fix consequences instead of addressing the source of the problems. People are suffering in many parts of the world and many see the United States as a beacon of hope to turn their lives around. How can we be unwelcoming to human beings that dress different, pray different, and eat different in a world of abundance? Unfortunately, the occurence of tragic events serves as propaganda to tell a narrative that feeds into fear, hostility, and close-mindedness towards other human beings. In every society no matter what the predominant form of religion may be, there is violence and a small percentage of individuals committing atrocities. When we dig deep we find that you and I are essentially the same. What we all have in common is awareness and we are all born into circumstances that shape our perception of the world.

Traveling has really opened my mind to the immense diversity that exists on this planet. I find joy in being able to experience different cultures and I certainly do not want that to change due to the motives of politicians and corporate entities. I will continue to approach life with an open mind and travel across the planet. I just hope that we can understand how our actions can affect how we are viewed in foreign parts of the globe. I encourage you to embrace diversity and to travel more. Peace.